There’s a huge, exciting range of games on offer at Lyme Regis Amusements, so much fun for everyone!

From slot machines and coin pushers to air hockey and rides geared towards our younger visitors, we’ve got plenty to keep you all amused.

Take to the wheel and go head-to-head on the latest racing games or challenge your friends and family to see who can shoot the hoops and score more at basketball. 

We’ve got games of chance and games of skill, come along and be entertained whatever the weather. Here’s just a few of our popular attractions. See more in our gallery.

Coin Pushers
All-time arcade favourites. Everybody loves the thrill and challenge of trying to drop the coin in the right spot at the right time to cause a cascade of coins to fall over the edge.
Crane Grabbers
The thrill and excitement of trying to win a prize. The aim is to guide the crane's grabber to one of the many prizes within the cabinet and attempt to lower the claw down onto the selected item, grabbing it securely. Will the crane hold on to your prize on its journey back to the exit chute…
Down the Clown
100% skill game. Step right up and knock them down. 1 or 2 players throw balls at the mechanical clowns, the more you knock down, the more tickets you win!
Kids Rides
We've got 4 rides at the front of the amusements to keep the kids happy including Peppa Pig, Union Pacific Train, Happy Camper and Lady & The Tramp.
SEGA Daytona Championship USA
All time classic twin racing game. You select from three circuits, start at the back of the pack, then zoom through up to 40 other vehicles, attempting to finish the race before the timer runs out. It’s frenetic close-quarters stuff, with frequent hair-raising crashes and tyre scorching escapes.  Competitive head-to-head multiplayer options with an iconic soundtrack.
Sonic Sport Air Hockey
A fast paced, fun and exhilarating game where players stand at each end and try to score more goals than one another within the time limit.
Sonic Sports All Stars Basketball
Players are challenged to hit the target scores to move onto the next level and to try to beat the highest score. With each level cleared, game play changes, with the level of player difficulty increasing with each stage. Win tickets which can be exchanged for prizes.